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In the beginning there was light. Then came me. Aji. Born on an August day  at mid noon, 27 years ago. My mom used my time of birth against me in every argument we had. She still does.  Somehow I got an impression mid-noon is not exactly the right time to have your birth.

I am a Mallu, 100% Malayalee. Yes, I can read, write and speak Malayalam fluently. Born and brought up in the southern state of Kerala. Everybody say, their place is the best in the world. That is natural. But this really is the most beautiful place. If you ever been to Kerala you will understand it. When God created the Universe, He kept all the beautiful things for himself. He put all of it in one place and created the nicest people to live there. That's how He created Gods own country, Kerala. Yep, I know it is a cliché. But it is true!

I was raised in the village town of Muvatupuzha, between the high ranges and the Arabian sea. My Papa was in the Police Force. So I carried the nick name Police for myself throughout my school days. My first three schools do not exist any more. The two kindergartens and the primary school. The very first one was across the K.S.R.T.C bus station in Muvatupuzha. When I checked last time, I saw some stores in the place. Second one in Koothattukulam, there is a nursing school in the building where I went to Kindergarten. The primary school in Piramodom is closed down due to lack of students. Dont make any conclusions on my education yet!  I went to school till Seventh grade in a Girls High school in Vadakara. Don't laugh. They teach boys till seventh grade, till they are dangerous. So I moved on to high school in Mannathoor, where I studied till tenth grade. Another good thing about Kerala is that you get to go to College after tenth grade. So I went to Nirmala College in Muvattupuzha to do my Pre-Degree. That's the eleventh and twelfth grades. I was in M2 till 1989, in case you went to Nirmala College.

I ended up in College of engineering, Trivandrum to do my Bachelors degree. I was in the Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Branch supposedly studying something till 1993. Meet my classmates in our class page. No questions about the caricatures are entertained! Hey, if you were there, I was in Men's Hostel. Finished my undergad courses just before my twenty first birthday.

The real world came after that. Not really. I worked for Instrumentation Enterprises in Madras as a Project engineer for three years. Traveled and stayed all over India. One of the major stops, Solapur, Maharashtra for almost an year. A beautiful and nice village town with some of the nicest people I ever met. Some how I finished few projects without  blowing up anything.

Next stop, Tempe, Arizona. The valley of the sun. If you haven't been Arizona, too bad. It is not hot as you think. I really is a wonderful place. If you are thinking about moving there, two thumps and two fingers up. Went to Arizona State University. Got a couple of Graduate degrees. One Master of Business Administration and One Master of Science, in Information Management. I worked part time for AT&T, Arizona Public Service Company and Intel in software and project management when I went to school.

After graduation started with my present employer, Motorola in Scottsdale, Arizona. I moved to Motorola in Chicago last winter as a Product Manager in the Network Solutions Sector. I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, in the village of Mount Prospect.

For the last few months I found myself spending too much time working on some personal web projects. so i dont get to do much for myself nowadays. We have a  big forest reserve in our back yard. If you see an Indian guy rollerblading in the Busse Woods, say hi. Probably it would be me. If you come across me in the Forest view Tennis Club stop by. I listen to a  variety of music. From heavy metal to Indian classical. My favorite bands are U2, rush, Sting, Dave Matthew's Band, and  of course Pink Floyd ( I guess, all indians are supposed like pink floyd, dont ask me Why?). I play some tunes in my guitar also. At least I try. Anyways, my passion for music and internet resulted in a web site, http://www.MusicClick.com It would be a single depository of actual songs, where any song is just a click away. I recently purchased the domain from a cyber squatter and started working on it. By the time you read it, the site would be up and running, I hope.

Yes, I am very much single. So if you know any  nice mallu girls let me know:)

An Update; I met a wonderful girl some time back. And we got hitched in early 2002. Here is her WebSite

If you came across me some where, some time, drop me a line. I would like that.

Here is a picture of mine, didn't we meet somewhere??

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