My Web Initiatives
My very first domain and semi serious attempt. It is an information guide, directory and tools for Mortgage, credit and loans. I also included a Credit Analyzer where you can check your credit rating without getting your credit report. I am spending too much time on it, mainly marketing. You can't say it by looking at the site. Right?
It is a Kerala directory and search engine. First one of my multiple portals coming. If you have a Kerala or Malayalam web site please submit to Malluweb.

It is an Indian portal. It should be up as soon as I get the domain transferred from network solutions. They are taking forever to transfer it to another registrar.

I am closely associated with these sites. Please take a look at them and let me know what do you think.


Take a look at my Domain List. If you have an idea and time to spend, let us work together to make it happen. Mainly I am looking for people who are comfortable in developing web sites. You dont need to know anything fancy. But html, asp/php some scripting, some data base should be helpful. i can focus on marketing and business development side. If it sounds good, let me know at I will provide the domain, hosting, and marketing. I might provide the capital if it is a great idea. You do the technical portion.

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